FuelTreat FT-400 10L


FT-400 is a powerful treatment that enhances and protects diesel fuel.



FT-400 is a powerful treatment that enhances and protects diesel fuel because it… * Cleans tanks and fuel lines * Maintains cleanliness of your engine’s fuel system * Kills fungal and bacterial contaminations * Helps separate water from your fuel Which Means … * Better fuel efficiency * No more prematurely blocked filters * Protection against breakdowns of injection pumps and injectors * Less downtime * More profit And the real benefit to you, is more reliability from your diesel engines. FT-400 is ideal for big users of diesel because it is a no-nonsense product that works at very low dose rates. Which means that treating even millions of litres at a time, is a breeze with FT-400. Treating your incoming fuel with FT-400 will be your guarantee of performance, reliability and economy. By keeping your fuel system in peak operating condition, FT-400 will let you squeeze the most out of every drop of fuel. FT-400 will slash down-time, and protect injectors and injection pumps against water damage as it continuously combats the effects of condensation, fungal and bacterial contaminations. FT-400 10 Litre will treat 90,000 litres of diesel.

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