DE-BUG Diesel Bug Treatment Units

The one time purchase of a DE-BUG magnetic diesel filter unit can pay for itself in a matter of months or even weeks, so your return on investment (R.O.I.) is assured.

  • Reduction in toxic exhaust emissions by up to 40%
  • Fuel savings (Anecdotal savings of between 2.5% to 11%)
  • Increased Filter life (Test study from 2 weeks to 14 months)
  • Safety – Reduced chance of breakdown
  • Increased injector life
  • Decrease in engine wear
  • Save on costly service charges
  • Increased engine life
  • No storing and handling of hazardous & costly bio-cides
  • One time cost for 20+ years of service


Less Downtime

Installation of a DE-BUG Fuel Treatment Unit can greatly reduce the inactivity of diesel engines due to breakdowns.

Value For Money

The cost of a DE-BUG unit can be quickly absorbed by fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Greater Profits

With less downtime, less engine repairs and less fuel consumption.

Environmental Issues

When a DE-BUG Fuel Treatment Unit is operating, the potentially damaging sludge does not collect and requires no off-loading: Eliminate use of toxic bio-cides.


Simple and easy to install inline.


Reduced chances of breakdown.

Longevity of Operation

DE-BUG Fuel Treatment Units have no moving parts, nothing to wear out or breakdown through continued use.

Improved Fuel Quality

Fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently.

Improved Engine Performance

Decrease in engine wear resulting in more power and engine efficiency.



Although marketed especially for diesel, De-Bug can also treat any gas liquid or powder suffering contamination. They can be used to reduce bacterial contamination in oils and other refinery fuels such as kerosene. They have been tested and found successful in reducing the presence of Legionnaire’s Disease bacteria in Water Cooling towers and reducing bacterial contamination in Emu oil.

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