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De-BugDE-BUGTM magnetic diesel filter is the Patented and proven cure of diesel bug, including microbial contamination. DE-BUG is a one time fit and forget solution and once installed in the fuel line, the DE-BUG treatment unit cleans and polishes your diesel fuel as your appliance is operating.Watch the DE-BUG 5 minute video

What to look out for;

Tiny blackish spots found in the diesel filter suggests major diesel contamination in the fuel tanks. A bad smell given off by the fuel may be the harmful acids the bug produces.
The murky, brownish, gritty fuel and the slimy jelly like by-product of diesel bug can cause a total engine shutdown.
Tell tale symptoms of blocked fuel filters, smoky emissions poor fuel economy and reduced power can be fixed forever by installing a DE-BUG clean fuel unit.

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Is this bio-contamination sitting in your fuel tank?

Diesel Fuel is unstable;

Up to 80% of waste found on filters, injector nozzles and in fuel tanks is organic growth, fungus, bacteria, fuel degradation and its by-products. This is referred to as “diesel bug”.Cleaning and polishing your diesel fuel by installing a DE-BUG in your fuel line will help prevent and cure diesel bug.
DE-BUG ensures extended service life of filters, injectors, pumps and when diesel bug has been present, increases fuel efficiency.

DE-BUG for Military Use – Quote NATO PART # 2910 – 98 – 202 – 6290

The patented DE-BUGTM has been trialed, tested and installed by some of the most trusted companies and organisations the world over…