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Diesel De-Bug

DE-BUGTM magnetic diesel filter is the Patented and proven cure of diesel bug, including microbial contamination. DE-BUG is a one time fit and forget solution and once installed in the fuel line, the DE-BUG treatment unit cleans and polishes your diesel fuel as your appliance is operating.Watch the DE-BUG 5 minute video

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Fuel Treatments

The Complete Diesel Treatment For Your Routine Maintenance

There are many families of fungi, bacteria and yeasts that can contaminate diesel fuel. As they grow, they form sludges, slimes and films, that can bring your engine to a screaming halt!

Fueltreat Biocide BC-250 will kill the bug, keep water out of the fuel & keep the diesel in 100% condition to ensure total performance is kept up.

1 litre can treat 1000 litres of contaminated diesel or 1 litre can treat 2000 litres of fuel that is clean. Fueltreat Biocide BC-250 stops any chance of getting the bug or diesel problems again.

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What to look out for

Tiny blackish spots found in the diesel filter suggests major diesel contamination in the fuel tanks. A bad smell given off by the fuel may be the harmful acids the bug produces.
The murky, brownish, gritty fuel and the slimy jelly like by-product of diesel bug can cause a total engine shutdown.
Tell tale symptoms of blocked fuel filters, smoky emissions poor fuel economy and reduced power can be fixed forever by installing a DE-BUG clean fuel unit.

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Diesel Fuel is unstable

Up to 80% of waste found on filters, injector nozzles and in fuel tanks is organic growth, fungus, bacteria, fuel degradation and its by-products. This is referred to as “diesel bug”.Cleaning and polishing your diesel fuel by installing a DE-BUG in your fuel line will help prevent and cure diesel bug.
DE-BUG ensures extended service life of filters, injectors, pumps and when diesel bug has been present, increases fuel efficiency.

DE-BUG for Military Use – Quote NATO PART # 2910 – 98 – 202 – 6290

The patented DE-BUGTM has been trialed, tested and installed by some of the most trusted companies and organisations the world over…