Emergency Generators

Infrastructure at Risk

Emergency generators are something we all rely on.

For our civil defence, hospitals, prisons, datacentres and buildings with critical loads. These all rely on our emergency power generators working at 100% when we need them to. However these are the very engines most at risk. The diesel is stored for lengthy periods in usually dark and damp conditions, the ideal breeding ground for diesel bug and microbial contamination.
Every diesel generator should have a DE-BUG magnetic diesel filter installed inline as part of their Health and Safety program.

In addition to fitting DE-BUG units inline, we also recomend installing a DE-BUG Recirculating Diesel Polishing System. (RDPS)
These Polishing units pump and move the diesel through water filtration, particulate filtration and of course the DE-BUG unit before returning the polished diesel back to the tank.





Generators we rely on;

Diesel Bug was affecting the performance of generators operated by the National Power Company of Indonesia. The problem was eliminated when the fuel were protected by the installation of L5000 De-Bug units (40 units in total).

See the extended filter life performance on the Caterpillar generators supplying power to the National Grid in Panama.

America Online, and Montefiore Hospital in New York and Telecom Western Australia all use DE-BUG fuel treatment units to ensure continuity of power. The back up fuel systems of the Joint U.S./N.Z. Satellite Ground Stations in New Zealand are protected by De-Bug units. The emergency generator systems for the New Zealand lottery commission have been protected by DE-BUG decontamination units.

The power and water Authority in Australia used a recirculating system to rid their tanks of Diesel Bug…


Emergency generators that stay idle for long periods require an automatic system that circulates diesel every few days to keep the tank contamination free.


De-Bug Recirculating Diesel Polishing Systems

DE-BUG Recirculating Polishing Systems (RDPS) are custom designed for purpose and size to keep stored fuel in optimum condition. A system -pump, timer, water filtration unit and a DE-BUG Diesel purifier to accommodate fuel flow – can be designed for any purpose – storage tanks for fuel, generators, Marine vessels, cranes or where ever a need exists.

DE-BUG RDPS [size varies on fuel storage size] ensures that the generator does not break down due to contaminated dirty diesel. An automatic re-circulating polishing system can be installed to automatically recycle the diesel – every few days and keep the diesel tanks clean. This will ensure that the diesel motor will run efficiently with less repair bills and the generator will supply power for as long as it is needed.

These RDPS systems achieve the best results when they have their own (independent of the fuel line) separate supply and return feeds directly to the main supply tank. These units need to be installed by qualified personnel. Advanced Diesel Solutions can supply just the RDPS system; recommend installers; or oversee the entire installation and ongoing maintenance of the system.

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