Bio Diesel & De-Bug

Bio-Diesel is a great way of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels while also reducing carbon emissions.
Bio-Diesel requires more careful handling and maintenance as it been shown to be even more susceptible than regular diesel to the effects of microbial contamination or Diesel Bug.

Bio-diesel is “hygroscopic” which means it will suck moisture from the air – It is capable of retaining up to 20x more suspended water. This makes an ideal environment for Diesel Bug and microbial contamination to bloom.

The addition of harmful biocides or costly additives to control potential problems will simply exasperate the problem and also negate any environmental advantages. Installing A DE-BUG unit in conjunction with a quality water filter and particulate filter (water absorbant filter) is good preventative maintenance.

Bio-diesel has numerous additional benefits. (Aside from being a more environmentally friendly and renewable alternative.) These include a reduction in some harmful emissions, an increase in the lubricity of the fuel and the ability to act as a solvent to assist in breaking down and cleaning out deposits previously left in the fuel system. Because of this it is recommended to check and change the filters a short time after the addition of bio-diesel.
A DE-BUG unit was chosen to be installed on the Earthrace Boat.
A US Engineering firm ESI designed the fuel system for the Earthrace boat. They specified DE-BUG magnetic filter as the primary bio-diesel decontamination device.
The Earthrace boat holds the record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe (60 days, 23 hours, 49 minutes), this was achieved running on 100% biodiesel.
She now has a new mission. To work with Sea Shepherd on marine conservation. Future projects include tackling illegal shark finning in Galapagos, bluefin tuna poachers in the Mediterranean, and disrupting Japanese Whale operations in Antarctica. See

When Greenpeace wanted the security of knowing their biodiesel stocks was safe from diesel bug, they installed DE-BUG units throughout their vehicle fleet.
When planning on using B20 or above DE-BUG replaces our seals with long lasting Viton.

Bio-Diesel Bacteria;

Daily Mail Article UK
“It means bacteria is getting into the fuel and turning into “blobby” lumps that can clog filters, increase engine wear and destroy pipes and seals.”

Forecourt Trader UK
“Biofuels are different – because they are made from vegetable and cereal crops they can supply sustenance to any bacteria that are present in the tank.”

OHIO Soyabean Council
“From the fuel distributors who handle large quantities of soy biodiesel to the farmers who often store their soy biodiesel in tanks, taking the right steps works to ensure fuel quality.”


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